Primary Care Provider Solutions

Primary Care Provider Solutions

A primary care physician, Mary, participates in a value-based care group practice model. Mary is feeling burnout due to the burden of "administrivia" and being inundated with reports and requests by insurers to improve CMS quality medication adherence metrics. A nurse has been assigned to make the calls but with a busy practice, time is mostly spent attending to the patients in the office. The usual response to insurers is "We don’t have time to make those calls!"

The group practice manager decided to implement the Arthur mobile application and provider web-based portal in Mary’s 2000-patient primary care practice. A select group of chronic care patients were encouraged to download the mobile app. Through the platform, the practice portal received alerts for non-adherent patients. Reports identified patient trends in medication adherence and predicted non-adherence.

The consumer-facing application provided automated real-time dose-specific engagement with patients, which improved medication adherence scores for CMS quality metrics. Provider burden and workload was alleviated by prioritizing patients for follow-up. Auditable reports added revenue for chronic care management. The improvement in practice efficiency allowed for more time to interact and treat patients. The physician, staff and patients all indicated greater satisfaction with the practice efficiency.




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