Pharmacies Solutions

Pharmacy Solutions

Local pharmacies and pharmacist consultants provide medication management therapy and medication reconciliation professional services for payers, hospitals and patients. Current medication adherence rates are based on refill rates with little assurance that a patient has actually taken the medication. Medications can accumulate at the patient’s home causing confusion and errors.

A large pharmacy chain implemented the DayaMed Arthur platform with real-time medication adherence and AI-driven adherence prediction. The chain was able to demonstrate to pharmacy benefit managers medication adherence improvement. The pharmacy was able to reduce barriers to unfilled medications by delivering medications. Through the dose-specific engagement with consumers and caregivers, referrals to telehealth or retail clinics could be made. With the chain-of-custody abilities of the app, pharmacies could do their part in reducing the opioid epidemic.

Real-time medication adherence and dose-specific engagement allowed pharmacies to target specific users for rewards, new products and services. The engagement with customers created loyalty to the local pharmacy, improved revenue and allowed the local pharmacy to compete with online purchasing. The pharmacists could automate and scale medication therapy management and reconciliation to improve quality adherence metrics for payers and pharma.




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