Pharmaceutical Company Solutions

Pharmaceutical Company Solutions

An international pharmaceutical company spends millions of dollars testing new drugs through clinical trials. Recruitment and adherence to clinical protocols are big challenges for pharma. There is an increased burden on patients who participate in clinical trials with little perceived return on investment by the patient. Medication adherence rates have been reported to average from 43 to 78 percent among trials that address chronic conditions. The effects of medication noncompliance are, by nature, difficult to quantify, and can add a significant confounding factor to the results.

The pharma company implemented the Dayamed Arthur software medication adherence, communications and logistics platform to measure adherence in real-time, connect with patients and provide concierge services to remove barriers, such as, excessive travel to the clinic site. The company elected to distribute the use of the platform and tie its use to the clinical protocols of each drug. The video conferencing capabilities in the app allowed for study investigators to communicate with subjects on a dose-specific basis. The new engagement technique allowed the investigators to assess reasons for non-compliance and respond to subjects’ needs.

As a result of the digital health intervention, the pharmaceutical company was able to improve protocol adherence and efficiency of clinical trials, reduce dropout rates and complete the trial in a timelier manner saving millions of dollars in research costs and reducing the go to market time. It relieved the burden on the investigators to assure compliance with the clinical protocol.




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