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News Story Monday, January 18, 2021

Patient adherence to medication is a problem. The cost of medication nonadherence in the U.S. alone is estimated to be between $100 billion


Andrew Bellinger, a cardiologist, was inspired to tackle the problem based on data showing heart attack patients were not consistently taking their medication. “These are patients who had a serious, life-threatening problem,” says Bellinger. “They were hospitalized and prescribed medication for the problem and to prevent it from recurring. Still, the adherence rate to the medication, six months out, was about 45 percent. When the medicines were then delivered to patient’s houses for free, the adherence rate only improved by eight percent. I knew we had to do more to help these patients. Even a small improvement in the adherence rate can help save lives.”

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Short Videos Can Be Effective for Improving Medication Adherence!

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Pharmacy Times® interviewed Patrick Campbell, PharmD, PhD, the senior director of research at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, about why sending a short video to a patient’s phone can improve primary medication adherence and why it’s more effective than text messages. What do you think?


A new study finds patients with sickle cell disease are moderately adherent to hydroxyurea.

Findings from a new study showed a negative correlation between hydroxyurea adherence and risk of receiving a prescription for strong opioids among patients with sickle cell disease.

According to bivariate analyses, adherent patients had a lower probability of using opioids, strong opioids, and high-dose opioids in comparison with nonadherent patients significantly. (P<.0001 for each).


CareSource to change how it pays prescription benefits.

CareSource is switching how it decides how much to pay for prescriptions, gaining praise from pharmacists who have lobbied for an overhaul of how Medicaid pays them for years. CareSource said the move allows pharmacists to focus more on care and is part of a series of pharmacy reforms the company is in.




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