News Story Wednesday, November 25, 2020

DayaMed has a solution for big pharma recruitment and adherence to clinical protocols.

Find out more about how pharmaceutical companies can improve protocol adherence and efficiency of clinical trials, reduce dropout rates and complete the trial in a timelier manner saving millions of dollars in research costs and reducing the go-to-market time.


CareSource to change how it pays prescription benefits.

CareSource is switching how it decides how much to pay for prescriptions, gaining praise from pharmacists who have lobbied for an overhaul of how Medicaid pays them for years. CareSource said the move allows pharmacists to focus more on care and is part of a series of pharmacy reforms the company is in.


Pharmacists seek new strategies to navigate the pandemic, as it is continuously altering how businesses function in their daily lives.

Fortunately, with the latest technologies and packaging automation, there are many new opportunities for pharmacies to leverage that will benefit patients and enhance their operational efficiency. See the entire article here.


News Story Wednesday, October 07, 2020

One of the benefits of Arthur is real-time pharmacy logistics.

DayaMed's partnership with FedEx provides same-day delivery and reverse logistics.
This partnership offers existing pharmacy customers an exclusive platform for same-day delivery of medications and consumer products with real-time tracking. Get improved clinical outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced patient and provider experiences.


Check out this article published by European Pharmaceutical about how pharma companies should embrace digital solutions and medtech devices.

In order to understand the adherence challenges, the pharma industry will need to look to the tech industry where user experience has long been a focus for optimization and improvement. Patients are more likely to take medication if they are supported in the process. See the entire article by clicking the link below.




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