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An interesting article on medication adherence and plan members.

Medication non-adherence is an ongoing issue causing serious health consequences and unnecessary medical costs. In fact, non-adherence to medication leads to a financial burden of $100 billion to $290 billion on the U.S. health care system annually, which causes significant ramifications for plan sponsors who consequently experience higher medical costs and lost earnings and productivity. The only thing missing from this article is our solution. Ask us how our technology will save the health care system plenty.


An interesting article about new age intervention and medication adherence.

Technology, which can support a multifaceted intervention targeted to the needs of a person, may present a feasible solution to optimize adherence. Technological interventions such as mobile applications (apps) have shown early promise, increasing medication adherence rates, and providing health care practitioners with an opportunity to monitor and measure adherence.
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Great article on digging into analytics to better understand medication non-adherence and the top disease states affecting their workforces.

The only thing missing from the article is DayaMed's Arthur Software and the MEDPOD®. Our software is perfect for payers looking for a solution to non-adherence. Click the link below for the full story.




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