Hospital Solutions

Hospital Solutions

A hospital nurse prepared 75-year-old Jason to return home after a 10-day stay for congestive heart failure. As part of the “Meds to Beds” program, a busy nurse advocate had 15 minutes to review current medications, review signs and symptoms to watch for and provide follow-up instructions in preparation for Jason’s discharge. Jason received a two-week supply of medications from the hospital pharmacy. Upon returning home, he continued his usual medication regimen along with the new drugs that he carried home from the hospital. Jason scheduled an appointment to see his primary care physician 14 days after his hospital discharge.

One week after discharge, Jason began to experience headache, dizziness, and then fainted while getting up one night. His daughter took Jason back to the emergency room along with all of the medications he had been taking. Jason was readmitted to the hospital for dehydration because he had been taking a double dose of diuretic drugs.

After a couple of days, Jason was discharged using a new Dayamed Arthur mobile application. The application provided real-time medication reconciliation through his local pharmacy. The discharge nurse could then compare his usual drug regimen with the new prescriptions from the hospital to check for errors. It was a relief for the discharge advocate to know exactly what medications Jason had been taking prior to hospital admission. The mobile application provided not only a list of all current medications, in addition, it was easy to use for reminders, deliveries and coordinating care with providers and caregivers.




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