General FAQ



What is DayaMed?


DayaMed is a personalized, holistic medication management service that helps people take control of their health by encouraging proper use of prescribed medicines.




Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm EST. 




Personalized medication regimens are reviewed by licensed clinicians and available on each patient’s smart device. Dose-specific text and email notifications are combined with incentives to drive patient engagement.




At present, DayaMed’s services are available to eligible Medicare beneficiaries not currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Please check back soon for updates.




Call (800) 931-5883 or download the DayaMed application from your preferred app store.




DayaMed’s services are available at no-cost to eligible Medicare beneficiaries. Patients also receive valuable rewards, including a complimentary GoodRx Gold Membership if they continue service.




DayaMed may be able to assist eligible patients in receiving a no-cost smartphone or tablet. Please call for more information.




Yes. DayaMed uses the most secure, HIPAA-compliant systems to protect your personal information.




The app contains important information concerning every medication you are taking, including each drug’s use, potential side effects, medications to avoid taking concurrently, and much more. It’s like having a pharmacist right in your pocket! To access this data, simply tap on the specific Medication Card to review that medicine’s clinical information. Tap on the three dots (…) in the upper right-hand corner of the Medicine Details screen, and choose “Medicine Instructions Details”. This will launch the Patient Information section, which contains each medicine’s pharmaclinical information for your review.




Tracking your performance is a snap! Simply click on the “Overall Adherence” button located at the top right-hand corner of the “Schedule” tab. Doing so will launch your report, where you can track your medication adherence for both the current week as well as the previous four weeks in an easy-to-read bar graph. You can even compare your performance against other patients in the DayaMed C.A.R.E.S program to help keep you on the right track!




Simply tap the “Register NFC tags” button in the “More” tab of the DayaMed app. Then, tap the purple “Add NFC Tags” banner at the bottom of the screen. Follow the prompts in the app and your Pill Organizer will be automatically linked to your DayaMed account. You will then be ready to “Tap and Take” your medications in the app!




DayaMed C.A.R.E.S patients can earn up to $30 per month in rewards to their favorite pharmacy or supermarket/wholesale club (with a pharmacy practice) simply by taking their medications in the DayaMed app and participating in their monthly Care Coordination call with one of our friendly Registered Nurses. Rewards start at 80% adherence per month, and each patient’s rewards progress is tracked in the Rewards tab. Every patient who earns an award will be e-mailed an electronic reward card to the pharmacy of their choosing within ten business days of the end of each month.




Your C.A.R.E.S Team is always a single click away in the DayaMed app! To contact either your Patient Advocate, Care Coordinator, or Nurse Practitioner, simply click on the blue person icon on the upper right of the main Schedule tab. This will open your Linked Profiles where you can choose the team member you wish to contact. You will have the opportunity to connect with the clinician of your choice either via phone call, text message, or Zoom video call. After hours support can be reached by calling DayaMed at (800) 931-5883, texting us at (415) 488-8824, or our chat option through our website.




Member FAQ



I forgot my password for the DayaMed app. What should I do?


Simply click the “Forgot/Set New Password?” link on the DayaMed app home screen. You can choose to have a password reset link sent to your mobile device or e-mail address. Then, follow the link to choose a new password for your account. 




Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the current moment—but we’re working on it! Please feel free to check with your Patient Advocate using the Linked Profiles button in the app for updates on this important feature.




No need to worry! It’s most likely an issue with the barcode printed on your medication container. Simply click on the “Vial Photo Capture” function from the More tab of the app, then snap a picture of the barcode on your medication container. The app automatically sends the photo to your Patient Advocate.




There’s no need—DayaMed’s C.A.R.E.S Team will enter your medications for you!




In most cases, no, as DayaMed is notified when you receive a new prescription from your doctor. In the unlikely event that your preferred pharmacy is not part of our network, you will need to notify your Care Coordinator when your doctor prescribes you a new medication.




Simply click the “Refill” button on the Medicine Details screen of the DayaMed app, and our C.A.R.E.S team will take care of the rest! 




Clinician FAQ



I’m a provider. How do I use this for all my patients?


DayaMed has a specialized team to handle onboarding physician practices. Our Personal Care Advocates can enroll your patients directly in our program. please contact  Lynn Saphire at




Yes. With patient consent, you will receive detailed medication reports and customizable alerts for patient non-adherence.




Yes. For eligible patients, Medicare Part B covers Remote Patient Monitoring and Medication Therapy Management as reimbursable services. Please check with your billing services provider for additional information.