Caregiver Solutions

Caregiver Solutions

An 88-year-old woman, Debbie, is the primary caregiver for her 90 year husband old at home. She doesn’t want outside health aids. She only wants assistance from one of four daughters, all whom live in other states.

Under great stress, Debbie is not sleeping well, spends about an hour each morning sorting her own, as well as, her spouse’s medication regimen. Hospice ordered additional opioid medications contributing to Debbie’s medication confusion and anxiety.

After a discussion with the primary care provider, the Dayamed Arthur platform was ordered by the primary physician to dispense a multi-unit dose pack of medications for both Debbie and her spouse. The platform reminds Debbie what medications to take when, dispenses the multi-unit package of medications, reminds her when a refill is needed and delivers medications to her door. There is a chain-of-custody for opioids and pick up of left-over opioids when no longer needed. The platform connects the daughters to their parents’ care as well by sending affirmative messages about the consumption of medications by for both parents.

The daughters feel great relief freeing more time for their own families. As stated by one of the daughters, "The relief of having all of the medicines dispensed in a single packet was palpable in Mom’s voice. We receive alerts daily making it so convenient to know that Mom and Dad are taking their medications and managing the conditions well." "And we are relieved that medications are delivered as needed!"




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